22. Nurse. Disney. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings.

“I love Disney. And so do you. Oh you may act like you don’t like Disney. You may talk about how it’s an evil corporate monster that gets stronger and stronger the longer we live. You can argue debatable messages; you can argue debatable ethics and debatable stereotypes. But it doesn’t matter. Disney has always been there. It’s usually the first thing we are introduced to and that’s the genius of it. Disney puts all their time and effort into not being something for adults but for children. And once something has your childhood by the balls, it’s never going to leave you. Disney has practically become family to us. Its fairytales, its magic, its everything that we enjoyed and thought was possible when we were younger. And as we grow older there’s a lot of other things to enjoy. The artistry, the creativity, the imagination. There’s literally no other word for it but Disney. It’s an artistic, cultural phenomenon that will never, ever leave.”

—   Nostalgia Critic (Disneycember Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs review)